What are the Association office hours?
The office is open Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri 9:00AM to 3:00PM and Wednesday 9:00AM to 6:00PM.  The office is closed on weekends and the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday and Christmas.

When can I speak to our Property Manager?
The manager is available by telephone at 561 588-1117 or you may make an appointment through the office.  The Property Manager is on the property 40 hours per week.

How do I get a parking decal?
The Association office provides parking decals for all residents.  Bring the vehicle and the vehicle’s registration card to the office for assignment of a parking decal.  Decals are required for all owner/tenant vehicles.

How do I gain access to the community?
If a tenant, your landlord should provide you with at least one access card.  If a new owner, the previous owner should provide you with their access cards at closing.  If you need a card, you may purchase one at the office for $50.

Are pets permitted?  Where do I walk my pet?
Yes.  Two pets weighing a total of 35 pounds are permitted.  No exotic pets are allowed.  There is a fenced dog park near the main mail kiosk where you may play with your pet.  There are pet waste disposal containers located within the park and throughout the community when you are walking your dog.

Is cable included?
No.  The Association does not have a bulk agreement with any television, internet or phone provider.

Are satellite dishes permitted?
Yes.  Satellite dishes are permitted if they are inside the balcony on a tripod stand.  You may not attach it to any wall or balcony railing

How do I open the front entry gate for my visitors? 
Your visitors must locate your name and punch in your code number at the gate tele-entry system.  Your telephone will ring.  After your visitors identify themselves, press and hold down the number 9 on your telephone for a few seconds and then hang up.

How do I open the front doors of the 1000 and 1200 buildings for my visitors?
Your visitors must locate your name and punch in your code number at the front door.  Your telephone will ring, after they identify themselves, press and hold down the number 5 on your telephone for a few seconds and then hang up.

Can I use my cell phone to admit my guests?
Yes, if you have a cell phone number and it is registered with the association office

When is the Clubhouse open?  What are the pool hours? 
The Clubhouse is open from 5:00 AM-11:00 PM.  The pool hours are from Dawn to Dusk.

Do I need to register a guest who is staying over night?
No.  However, if a guest exceeds the policy within your lease then they are considered tenants and must go through the application process.

Where should my guests park?
Guests may only park in the yellow bumper “Guest” designated parking spaces.

What do I do if someone parks in my assigned space?
During business hours please contact the office and they will try and locate the owner or call to have the vehicle towed.  After hours you would need to contact a member the manager (888-425-0001) who can authorize the tow. If you are an owner you may also authorize the vehicle to be towed. Contact D&D Automotive at 561-582-3022.

Parking on the street is prohibited.  You will be towed at your expense and/or fined.

Where do I dispose of my trash, recyclables or bulk goods (furniture or construction debris etc)?
TRASH:  If you reside in the 1000 or 1200 building, there are trash rooms with a trash chute on each floor.  If you reside in a low-rise building, you may dispose of your trash at the trash compactor located by the main mail kiosk.
BULK:  All bulk items are placed in the bulk drop area on the northwest side of the property next to the maintenance cage.
RECYCLABLES: Recycle bins are in the bulk drop area.  Recycle bins are also located in the first-floor trash room of the 1000 and 1200 buildings.

Are children allowed to use the clubhouse?
No person under the age of 16 is permitted in the clubhouse unless accompanied by an adult and is under adult supervision (age over 18).

Are children allowed to use the fitness machines?
No person under the age of 16 shall be permitted in the fitness area without parental or adult supervision (age over 18) & no persons under the age of 16 is permitted to use any of the fitness equipment.

Where is the children’s play area?
There is not a designated children’s play area. Children are not permitted to play in the parking areas, on the public walkways or in the stairways.  Reasonable parental supervision is to be exercised when children are playing on the grounds.

Is there a place to store my bicycle?
Yes.  Bike racks are available at the pool, 1200 building west entrance, and 1000 building west entrance.

Can I barbecue on my terrace or balcony?
No. You may only use grills marked by the manufacturer as inside use only.  Cooking with any type of grill (propane or charcoal grills, etc.) are not permitted on any balcony or terrace, as it represents a fire hazard.

How do I submit a maintenance request?
Log into the FSR website or contact FSR via telephone at 888-425-0001.  During office hours you may also contact the administrative assistant. Remember, you or your landlord are responsible for maintaining the interior of your unit.

Do I need to apply to make architectural changes to my unit?
Yes.  An owner may obtain an architectural form from the office or on the website.  It has very clear directions that must be followed to insure timely approval.  Please remember, all vendors doing work in your unit must be licensed, insured and registered with the Town of Hypoluxo.  This requirement is to insure the integrity of the building, other units and shared common elements.

How does my vendor gain access to the meter rooms/roofs if necessary?
The maintenance man is on property Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  He will open the areas for your vendor.  Remember per Town of Hypoluxo ordinance, vendors may only work Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Except in an emergency, no work may be conducted by vendors on a Sunday or Holiday.

How do I get complete access to the Mariner’s Cay website?
To receive your login name and password, you must complete the “Owners Login Request Form” by logging onto www.marinerscay.org and clicking on the Request Log-In link.

NOTE:   FAQ’s and answers are provided as a convenience for quick reference and are summary nature only.  Please refer to the full text of Rules and Regulations given to you and/or if applicable the Declaration and Bylaws.